06 August 2017


Is it Halloween yet? Just thought I'd review each invite over the years and see how they compare. Also what to do next? Would love comments if I could work out how to make comments appear on the site but alas I can't so you can social media dm me.... I'm thinking maybe a board game?

2012 Invite

2015  Invite

2013  Invite

2014  Invite

2015  Invite

2016  Invite

Saltaire Arts Trail 2016

03 June 2016


What a brilliant weekend at the Open Houses event exhibiting work. Thanks to all those who came along, friends, family and supporters. Here are just a couple of pictures from the weekend to remind me that leaving your printing till the last minute can result in some good work!

Getting ready for the Open Houses Event

26th May 2016


Well an eventful two weeks, it's never amazes me how negative people can effect your creativity, my only advice is to remove them from your life and move on.


Been super busy printing and have more to do in the next two days so it's 5.21am so better get moving!


Hope to see new faces come and visit. See you at the weekend!

Laser Cutting Day

14th May 2016


Just a quick project from today. Have major creative block so decided to turn that block into something creative. Ha in your face mojo.


Anyway I've still not managed to design any new screen prints and will no doubt leave it until the last minute.


Someone suggested at work that I need a brief and perhaps they are right - I'm going to try that next. Oh talking of work I also made a giant cracker this week.

April Projects

30th April 2016


Wowza I was so good with posting and now it's been a month!  Hmm what have I been doing? Well I've screen printed some free hen T-shirts for someone at work, I've made a patch work quilt with fabrics from The Skep fabric shop in Rodley (Leeds)  and then I've been busy making signs.

Really I should be working on new prints but there's more research happening than action at the moment!!


02nd April


Ahead of this years trail I've been experimenting with my new heat press and combining it with screen printing inks and glues.


Here are a couple of work in progress tests for new fabric designs that will feature (I hope) as part of the
Open House exhibition.


The designs are based on the marble in the church and the pattern of an hold house that used to have a crazy paving style render applied to the exterior. It has gone now I'm pleased to say but the reference was a useful one for a pattern.


More to come soon I'm sure!


01st April


No April fools from me, I find them tedious anyway.


Here is a project I've been working on for three weeks in secret which is a commission from one friend for another mutual friend.


The box contains a laser cut text set for printing with a letterpress set up. The box was also laser etched but put together using standard joinery techniques. I loved doing this even though it was quite difficult to get everything perfectly level and I had to using the thicknesser.


Anyway both parties seemed very happy with the end result and with the help of Dad's inlay technique using some walnut off cuts it turned out pretty good.


Might even do some more boxes for the trail in May.


20th March


Took the plunge this month and have bought a heat press for the workshop.


So far these are the only tests I've done but am in the process of testing transfer paints, poly iDyes and other transfer mediums.


I also bought some rather expensive dye paper called Design Dye as I cannot find a supplier for pre-dyed papers. The search continues!


Next step is to get a better journal together for foiling and printing the transfer dyes. Here is an example of the Design Dye papers on copper coloured satin. The letters were laser cut from the papers.


28th March


Last Sunday I decided to sit and do some cards as there was nothing on TV as usual and I'd watched every new YouTube update I had.


I made loads of cards here are just two. I'm struggling to get good coverage with pigment inks at the moment hence a little mottling on the balloon. Bought some new neon inks over this past week however, so that should be exciting!


Also I need to set up a photo booth as I know these pictures are quite ropey using my iPhone in yellow tungsten  lighting.


10th March


What have I been up to creative wise? Well this month, I was asked by a friend to create a fancy dress skirt for a hen do in the style of the raggy dolls. I only had to create a skirt and I used the circle skirt pattern with panels for each part cutting them down to form the square effects.


I used a brilliant tutorial on youtube from a channel called Made Everyday you can find it here she's brilliant.


I also have a table progress update, it's coming along ok, just have build the draw, laser cut the top and finish it with a stain. Lots more tables to come based on this one and will deffo try and laser cut more parts.


19th March


Super quick update with a couple of random projects.


I needed some bows to go on greetings cards I make for work and therefore cut and etched these bow ties with a space for ribbon, turned out well on a thin MDF. I also cut some letters for a secret project.


Also this month I helped out at IncWorkshop with a corporate event screen printing tote bags which was fun. I'll also be running a tote bag screen printing course where you can sew the bag as well. That's in April.


28 February


Right so much for posting regularly it's a month later and I've not posted anything. The reason? Work and IncWorkshop have been super busy!


Volunteering on top of your day job can be a time consuming operation, however that isn't also helped by starting a new furniture making course. Here are a couple of pictures of my first time turning legs on a lathe. I'm pretty proficient in basic wood work as always made and fixed stuff with dad but this is a new level of skill. Mortice and tenon joints, turning rough sawn lumber into smooth square planks and ensuring everything is square!


Anyway will try post more soon.


29th January


Well I'm not doing too badly on the blog front this year so far. This weekend the weather was pretty rubbish weather so I spent most of Saturday laser cutting some shapes for a friend at Inc Workshop.


The rest of Sunday was spent on my new fad which is planner crafting. Unbeknownst to me this is actually a huge trend on youtube which I've quickly and oddly become addicted to. The only problem is that the cost of getting the stickers from the US is really high so I thought I'd design my own. Here are a few that I might try sell on Etsy.


The rest of today I spent doing some posters to explain how to screen printing works for Inc Workshop which I still need to complete but quite happy them so far. We'll see if they are helpful to people when they go up!


17th January 2016


In the spirit of trying to keep up my blog section of the website up to date, here is a picture of a set of handmade invitations I designed and printed. These were for my brothers wedding happening in Italy this August and it is a passport and boarding pass themed invitation with luggage tag and ticket folder to hold all the information.




01 December 2015

Well so day job has been very busy so hence the extreme delay in updating my blog part of the site. However, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

Below is a 40th invite I've done for a friend and my 2015 Halloween invites, these won runner up on


01 August 2015


Right so I've completely done my back in... diagnosed today with a trapped sciatic nerve so this is all I can manage to do in terms of doing something constructive.


As well as the Hair salon branding I mentioned previously I've also been helping friends out with their Wedding invitations and Save the Dates.


They are very different in style but everyone seems pleased and I might put a tutorial on how to do the blind embossing using laser cutting, foam sheets and a Sissix machine.


07th July 2015


Recently I've been so busy I never have time to post anything on my google blog or over on this one!


However now I can share some of the projects I've been working on one of which is helping my sister-in-law (to be) with her amazing new hairdressing shop in Guiseley (Leeds).


The idea was to keep the design, type and colour pallette as simple as possible as Hayley also offers a wedding hair and make up services. All for free as usual!


30th May 2015


We had an excellent time exhibiting at the Saltaire Arts Trail for 2015.


Thanks to everyone who dropped in to say hello and all of you who said such nice comments about SaltsPress and Porch Press.


It was also nice talking to everyone about the history of Saltaire including the conversation about secret tunnels in the village which I'm yet to be convinced about!


Next project is the Saltaire Garden Trail!